Nurofen 5% Ibuprofen Pain Relieving Gel 30g

Nurofen Gel brings targeted relief for pain and contains Ibuprofen, which reduces pain and inflammation. Nurofen Gel can be used for the relief of:
Muscular Pain
Sports Injuries
Rheumatic Pain
Strains and sprains
You must be aged over 18 years to purchase this product. 
Do not take with any other ibuprofen products.

Adults and Children over 12 Years: Apply a small amount (4-10cm) of gel and gently rub onto the skin of the affected areas and massage until absorbed. Do not apply to broken skin. Wash your hands after application.
Do not apply more than 4 times in 24 hours.

For more information on the correct dosage and side effects, watch our explanation video here:


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