About our Founder

Garvan Lynch is a long-time pharmacist operating in Cork, Ireland. His passion for health outcomes led him to develop a system aimed at improving health literacy.

As part of Garvan's MBA thesis, he provided medicine information to a selected group of patients over a four month period. He carried out a longitudinal study measuring the effects on the patient’s health by increasing their knowledge of their medicines.

80% of patients reported that their health literacy improved and 70% reported that their medicine compliance improved. 

As a result of the program, patients medicine compliance increased by 68%. Although 80% reported that health literacy improved and 70% reported compliance improved, the new service actually increased compliance BY 68%.

The study was a huge success and the thesis was published by Imperial College, London where Garvan completed his MBA.


Garvan Lynch

  • B.Sc. (Gen) N.U.I.,
  • B.Sc. (Hons) G.R.S.C.,
  • B.Sc. (Hons) Pharm. M.P.S.I.
  • M.R.Pharm.S.,
  • M.B.A. (Healthcare) D.I.C.

About Telehealth

As part of the Telehealth system, Garvan Lynch created 40 Health Clinic programs aimed at managing and even reversing the effects of many common illnesses. Through the Telehealth site, client patients can subscribe to a range of health courses at the Lynch Pharmacy, or via an online service. Education is the key and by powering his patients with knowledge, Garvan and his team of Assistants enable patients to take control of their illness and achieve better outcomes.

Garvan Lynch has completed around 1,000 Health Videos on medicines and health conditions, and new members to Telehealth can signup for free to access these videos. Garvan explains in plain English how to manage various health conditions, as well as correct usage of a large number of associated medicines and pharmaceuticals.

New users also qualify for free shipping on products and a generous discount off your first order.


Knowledge really is power

By understanding how to manage and even reverse the effects of debilitating illness, patients feel empowered to make better decisions and achieve their life goals. Through effective use of a range of leading edge technologies, therapies, as well as alternate and traditional medicines each program is tailored to suit the needs of the patient.


Telehealth is growing!

Our proven, simple systems for managing illness and providing enhanced patient case has now become a product in itself. Interested pharmacists and allied health-care groups can host a Telehealth Kiosk. Complete with a DL flyer bank on 100 of the most common illnesses, as well as online support for patients seeking an effective treatment regime, Telehealth provides ongoing assistance for patients on medicine compliance and health management. Contact us here for more details on Telehealth and your business.


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Join us now and enjoy free shipping on products and a generous commencement discount. You can enjoy an online consultation with our pharmacists and even have your prescription prepared in advance by our pharmacy team. Purchase a health clinic and gain the skills to manage your illness as well as a full understanding of the prescription medicines and alternative therapies that have been proven to deliver relief.