Nicotinell 2mg Mint Lozenge 96 Pack

Nicotinell 2mg Mint Lozenge is used to help smokers to stop smoking. Each lozenge contains 2mg of nicotine which is released slowly into the body through the mouth when sucked to help combat the craving associated when giving up cigarettes. This Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) is fruit flavoured and can relieve withdrawal symptoms associated with nicotine dependency.
 You Must Be Aged Over 18 Years to Purchase This Product. 

Nicotinell Mint Lozenge is available in two strengths: 1 and 2 mg. The appropriate dose will depend on your previous smoking habits. You should use the 2 mg Nicotinell Mint lozenge if: • you are a smoker with a strong or very strong nicotine dependency, • you have previously failed to stop smoking with the 1 mg lozenge, • your withdrawal symptoms remain so strong as to threaten relapse. Otherwise, 1 mg Nicotinell Mint lozenge should be used.
Suck one lozenge when you feel the urge to smoke. In general, one lozenge should be taken every one or two hours. Normally 8-12 lozenges per day are sufficient. If you still experience an urge to smoke, you can suck additional lozenges. Do not exceed 15 lozenges per day of the 2 mg strength (applies for both smoking cessation and smoking reduction).

Each piece of Nicotinell Mint lozenge contains 2 mg nicotine (as 6.144 mg nicotine bitartrate dihydrate).


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