Jaydess Coil (I.U.D.)

Jaydess is an intrauterine device consisting of a hormone capsule attached to a T-shaped frame made from a soft  exible plastic. The device is 30 mm long and is inserted inside the uterus using an inserter.


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Jaydess Coil (I.U.D.)

What is Jaydess? Jaydess is an intrauterine…

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What is Jaydess?

  • Jaydess is an intrauterine device consisting of a hormone capsule attached to a T-shaped frame made from a soft  exible plastic. The device is 30 mm long and is inserted inside the uterus using an inserter.
  • Jaydess is the smallest hormone coil available and contains a low dose of hormone. Your midwife/physician inserts it into your uterus, where it protects against unwanted pregnancy. By slowly releasing a low dose of the progestogen hormone levonorgestrel locally in the uterus, daily for up to 3 years, you will not have to think about daily, weekly or monthly administration.

How does Jaydess work?

When Jaydess is inserted in the uterus, a low dose of the hormone levonorgestrel is released slowly and continuously in the uterus on a daily basis, preventing pregnancy in three ways.

  • Jaydess makes the cervical mucus thick, so the passage of sperm is obstructed.
  • Jaydess affects endometrial growth. The mucous membrane becomes thin and infertile.
  • The device itself also contributes to an unfavourable environment for the sperm in the uterus and the fallopian tubes. Sperm motility is affected and fertilisation is prevented.

How effective is Jaydess?

  • Jaydess is one of the most effective contraceptives. Jaydess® is more than 99% effective against pregnancy from the time it is inserted in the uterus until it is removed. Jaydess® is effective for up to 3 years.

How will levonorgestrel, the hormone in Jaydess, affect my body?

  • Jaydess works mainly locally in the uterus. It releases levonorgestrel in the uterus and only small amounts of the hormone enter the bloodstream. Levonorgestrel is a commonly used hormone in contraceptives. Jaydess® does not affect ovulation in the majority of women. This means that the ovaries continue to produce their own oestrogen. For more information about side effects when using Jaydess®, see further down in this brochure and the lea et that is included with the package.

What is the purpose of the threads on Jaydess?

  • The threads on Jaydess are there so the midwife/physician can pull it out. Your midwife/ physician will tell you how you can check the threads after the device is inserted.
  • By feeling the threads, you can verify for yourself that Jaydess® is still in the correct position in the uterus, providing effective contraceptive protection. For further questions about the threads, do not hesitate to speak to your midwife/physician.

How is Jaydess inserted?

  • Once you have decided on Jaydess, it can be inserted during your next visit to your midwife/physician. During a pelvic exam, they can simply insert Jaydess® into your uterus with a  exible inserter. After Jaydess® is inserted: the removal threads will be trimmed to a length of 2–3 cm.

What should I expect right after insertion?

  • Most women  nd that the insertion is relatively simple, but some may experience a little pain and dizziness during insertion. If you have severe pain or if the pain does not subside within a few weeks after insertion, you should contact your midwife/physician.

How quickly will Jaydess protect against pregnancy?

  • If you get Jaydess inserted within 7 days from the  rst day of your menstrual period, Jaydess will provide immediate effective protection against pregnancy for up to 3 years. If Jaydess® is inserted at any other time during your menstrual cycle: you should protect yourself by also using condoms for the  rst 7 days. It is advisable to wait 24 hours prior to sexual intercourse after insertion of Jaydess.
  • With Jaydess you do not have to think about taking contraceptives daily, weekly or monthly.

Should I have a follow-up with a midwife/physician after getting Jaydess inserted?

  • Your midwife/physician will decide whether you need to have a follow-up after insertion. You will also get information if you need to make additional visits.

You should contact your midwife/physician if any of the following occurs:

  • You have severe pain or heavy bleeding after insertion or if pain or bleeding continues for more than 5 weeks.
  • You think you may be pregnant.
  • You have persistent abdominal pain, fever or abnormal discharge.
  • You or your partner feels pain or discomfort during sexual intercourse.
  • You have changes in menstrual bleeding patterns (e.g. if you have little or no menstrual period and it suddenly becomes prolonged or profuse).
  • You develop other medical problems, such as migraines/very severe headache, sudden vision problems, jaundice or hypertension.

How will Jaydess affect my menstrual bleeding pattern?

Will I menstruate every month?

  • You will have less menstrual bleeding, both in the amount of bleeding and the number of days you bleed every month. The 3–6 months after Jaydess® is inserted, you may have spotting or light bleeding. Some women may have longer or heavier bleeding during this period, but it does not mean that you will bleed every day. It may be helpful to write down how you bleed so you see that it gets better every subsequent day.
  • Talk to your midwife/physician if menstrual bleeding continues to be heavier than normal or if you are suddenly bleeding for more days than previously.
  • In some women, menstruation disappears completely when using Jaydess®. If you have not had any menstrual bleeding in the last 6 weeks and are worried that you may be pregnant, take a pregnancy test. If it is negative you do not need further tests, unless you have other symptoms that may indicate a pregnancy (for example, nausea, fatigue or tender breasts). If your menstrual bleeding stops while using Jaydess®, it should resume when Jaydess® is taken out.

Will Jaydess affect my sex life?

  • When Jaydess is in place in the uterus, it is unlikely that you or your partner will feel it during sexual intercourse.

Can I use Jaydess if I have not given birth?

  • Yes, but it is not the method of  rst choice for women who have not given birth due to limited clinical experience.

Can I use Jaydess between births?

  • Yes. The earliest Jaydess can be inserted is 6 weeks after giving birth and then it provides protection against pregnancy for up to 3 years. You can try to get pregnant as soon as your midwife/physician removes your Jaydess.

Does Jaydess offer protection against sexually transmitted diseases?

  • No. Jaydess® is used to protect against unwanted pregnancy and does not offer protection against sexually transmitted diseases, including HIV and AIDS. It is important that you use a condom to protect against STDs.

What are the common side effects of Jaydess?

As with any medication, you can experience some side effects with Jaydess®. Below is a list of the most common side effects women have reported when using Jaydess®. If you have additional questions, you can read more in the package lea et or call your midwife/ physician.

Very common (affect more than 1 in 10 users)

  • Headache, abdominal and pelvic pain, acne/oily skin, changes in bleeding patterns, ovarian cysts, in ammation of the external genitals or vagina.

Common (affect more than 1 in 100 users)

  • Depressed mood/depression, migraine, nausea, genital infection, painful menstruation, pain/discomfort in the breasts, device expulsion, hair loss, vaginal discharge.










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