Benoxor Acne Cream 30ml

Benoxor Acne Cream is formulated to be effective against all forms of inflammatory acne. Benoxor contains a combination of Benzoyl Peroxide 4%, Retinyl Palmitate 0.5%, and Zinc Sulphate 1%. Benoxor Cream is suitable against all four types of acne.

- Anti-inflammatory action.

- Benzoyl Peroxide is anti-bacterial and effective against P.Acnes.

- Retinyl Palmitate is anti-inflammatory and has an action against comedones (whiteheads and blackheads).

- Zinc Sulphate is anti-seborrhoeic.

- Helps clear lesions.

- Helps prevent scarring.

- Airless bottle dispenses a metered dose with each use.


How To Use:

- Apply Benoxor Acne Cream to the affected area after cleansing

- Use once or twice a day for at least one month

- Optimal treatment is 8-12 weeks duration


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