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Telehealth is a new, evidence based pharmacy service, connecting customers with relevant and trustworthy, information videos on their medicines and health conditions, we also provide online and instore health management programs. This Improves medicine compliance, patient safety and health literacy which Leads to better health while Saving money for patients and the tax payer.

A recent report by the European Commission indicated, Ireland was leading the way with our obesity epidemic. By 2030, Ireland will be the fattest nation in the world, with over 90% of the population being overweight. This has dramatic financial and societal consequences for our country and communities, and will also put enormous strain on our already overstretched health service.

So, lets look at the numbers, and try and frame the problem ahead: First we look at only the:

  1. Cost of obesity
  2. The total cost of chronic illness to the entire economy.

1. For Obesity:

The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development recently concluded, modern economies are spending 10% of their total healthcare budget on obesity and obesity related issues. For Ireland, this is a whopping €1,600,000,000 for managing obesity issues.

2. Total Cost of Chronic illness:

For this exercise, I applied the results of the Milkin Institute report, to the Irish economy.

The Milkin Institute in California, recently carried out a report for the US economy on the cost of chronic diseases due to obesity and overweight related issues, on the entire US economy. The results were simply staggering. In the united states, the total cost of chronic disease on their economy, was 9.3% of GDP or $1.7 trillion.

To put our obesity epidemic into perspective, the financial and health problems facing the country are catastrophic.

As Ireland’s GDP is inflated from our multi national investment and corporate banking sector, so I am using our G.N.P. which is a fairer and more realistic estimate of the wealth of the country. So, by applying the Milkin Institutes figures, which is 10% of our G.N.P. This amounts to an absolutely mind blowing €25,000,000,000 P.A.

So, chronic illness cost the Irish economy €25 Billion a year.

Another troubling statistic to consider is this: 70% of people who have Type 2 diabetes go on to develop dementia. And we think we our health system is under pressure today, we ant seen nothing yet!

So, can anything be done to stop or reverse this impending disaster?

Of course it can, especially for people who want to change their lifestyle.

We at Lynch’s Pharmacy, have reversed type 2 diabetes in a number of patients. It is not easy! It takes commitment and hard work.

If you don’t want to be a statistic, ring me or call in. We have a lifestyle program that is proven to work. If you are sick of being tired all the time, and ready to make a change, we work together in helping you to create your new lifestyle.

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