Know Your Health

Telehealth is a new, evidence based pharmacy service, connecting customers with relevant and trustworthy, information videos on their medicines and health conditions, we also provide online and instore health management programs. This Improves medicine compliance, patient safety and health literacy which Leads to better health while Saving money for patients and the tax payer. 

We have information flyers on over 100 illnesses, where we explain each illness in plain English.

We also provide 30 minute health clinics on 40 illnesses such as Alzheimer’s disease, Pre-Diabetes and Colitis. During the clinic we explain in simple terms what causes the illness, how to treat the illness and most importantly - how to manage the illness going forward. What you can do to improve your quality of life.

Benefits for Customers from using Telehealth

1.  80% of study participants reported an improvement in overall health (Lynch, 2017).

2.  Patient safety improves

3.  Quality of life improves

4.  Improvement in health outcomes

5.  Lower unnecessary hospital visits

6.  Health literacy improves

7.  Save money by avoiding unnecessary Doctor visits

8.  Support in managing your illness

9.  Personalising your healthcare


Lynch, G and Hatzaras, KS (2017). A pharmacy web-based medicines consultation service improving health literacy, adherence and productivity.

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